Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blog #4

1) Artist Statement (about 100 words)

My Big Idea is Identity. I will be focusing on teens trying to find out who they are. The subject in my final stares at herself in a mirror seeing all of the possibilities of who she is and can become. The media plays a huge role in her development as well as many other young women. They are expected to look, act and feel a certain way based on what the media and other sources show them. The images that fade into the mirror signify the thoughts running through the average teen's mind. This work could definitely be used for an advertisement.

2 )
Artist- Teesha Moore: I love the way here abstract art looks somewhat like a crazy scapbook. I like the following image because it shows a young girl looking around at different images that have to do with her life. I want to mimic the aspect of a teen contemplating and thinking about her life and who she is in my final project.


An interesting picture I found while searching for Identity images.

Magazines, especially ones such as Cosmopolitan, instill ideas into teen's heads.

Church and Religion in general have a huge factor on one's identity.

Identity Works:



3) I would like to employ shadows in my final project. I think they will add a dramatic effect that is necessary for my Big Idea of Identity. Shadows also coerce the image to look more cohesive because the images all appear to be a part of the background, not just copy and pasted onto the document. Here are some helpful links that will show me how to create shadows.



^Extremely helpful video.

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