Sunday, November 8, 2009

Blog # 3

Caroline Magerl
While searching for artists, I wanted to find an artist that could portray human emotions or feelings in an interesting and intricate way because that was my original goal with the midterm project. I stumbled across Caroline Magerl. She is an Australian painter and illustrator of figurative works. She depicts fears, hopes, dreams, and obsessions. When studying Caroline’s work, it appears to be simple yet when you look deeper, you can see how translates true emotions. It is extremely fascinating how she uses the people in her works to show this emotion. When I looked at her art, I questioned what materials she used and if that affected her main theme. According to her website, she was feeling detached from the world before she stared painting. Her artwork evokes emotion as you study it. “The result is truly a picture from her heart as well as a window in to her world”. I think that after looking at her paintings, I’m going to try and work with creating an image that delves into my world so all of those who view my artwork can see why I chose to create such an image.

Bert Monroy
Bert Monroy is considered one of the pioneers of the digital world; he worked with advertising for years before discovering his true passion. Bert is the coauthor of The Official Adobe Photoshop Handbook. I chose to write about Bert because I found his artwork to be creative and appear very realistic. He focuses on a specific item, distorts it slightly, and uses bright and extravagant colors to bring the artwork to life. Also, I like his artwork because he uses everyday, minute objects that people usually pay no attention to and makes it so people want to look at it. In my opinion, Bert’s Big Idea is everyday life. There are so many things in our lives and in the things that we do that we don’t really notice. I found Bert’s artwork to be important for my own because sometimes I forget to include the minor details in my pictures, such as objects in the background that I didn’t think were important to change or alter using Photoshop. I also found his artwork inspiring because he uses Photoshop as well as me, and I can predict the tools that he used in creating his pictures which is pretty cool.

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