Thursday, December 3, 2009

Final Project

My Big Idea is Society. I developed this by exploring the struggles women face and pressures they feel to be thin. Society has an incredible way of influencing young women to mimic the cookie cutter models of the world through advertising, magazines, television, internet and many other mediums. These pieces deal with body image and self-esteem, which happen to be the most sensitive issues for all women. I am passionate about this Big Idea because I have a family member who has suffered an eating disorder for years. I found inspiration from Christi Nielsen’s photography. She recently had an exhibit entitled “I’m Just about to Get Skinny.” Many of her photographs are atrocious and mind-boggling, and deal with the issue that I am addressing. With this final, it is my hope that young women can begin to challenge these societal pressures and break the mold of being tall, skinny, and gorgeous according to society's standards.

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