Friday, October 23, 2009

Blog Assignment #2: Even Rain Can't Keep Them Away!

Creating Rain


1st Snapshot- In this snapshot, I have used the "curves" tool in order to darken the sky and give it a rainy day appearance. I wanted it to look as if the storm was rolling in, therefore the sky to the left is darker than the one to the right. Next, I used the curve tool again to darken the sidewalks. I wanted them to look as if the rain has been falling on them for quite some time. I used the magic wand tool for both of these selections.

2nd Snapshot- In order to create a cohesive image, I thought that making the entire scene look wet would make the rain look more believable. Therefore, I worked with the brightness/ contrast to work with the roof to make it look darker. I deviated from the tutorial because I wanted to work with the water, to give it a ripple effect using the filter menu in order to appear as if the rain was falling down hard upon it. I used the magic wand tool to select the water before giving it the ripple effect. I felt that the sidewalks looked a little unrealistic, so I made them a little lighter using the contrast/brightness tool.
3rd Snapshot- In the third snapshot, I created rain by adding a new layer, making it white, and then adding noise. After adding noise, I used the motion blur tool and changed the angle at which the "rain" and fell and the distance between pixels. I went to the layers palette and used the screen option and all of a sudden it was raining! I found this step the most difficult because I could not find the perfect opacity or level of noise to make it look completely natural. In the actual image, the rain appears a lot more natural than in the small picture shown below. I was aiming for a drastic image that would make others question why those crazy people were still in the pool while a storm was blowing in.

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